Sunday, October 18, 2009

The week ends, the week begins.

Sitting here listening to Miles with my feet up on the coffee table (as usual), watching Cosby Show (always a treat) and trying desperately to finish my Calc homework (too many numbers for me)... so I'd rather blog instead. The only new feature to this scene is a slightly altered coffee table... Katie put her stiletto straight through the glass of the old one to see her outfit. Guess that's what you get for not having full length mirrors in the apartment.

I's cold outside but nice and warm in my apartment. The jazz is great. We have terrible lighting so I've turned the white Christmas lights on... they give off a dull yellow glow. Kaila and my roommates are here and we are all quiet and lost in thought. It's so nice to have company, even when words aren't being exchanged. I am content.

It's Sunday night and I have no idea how the entire weekend passed and I was so unproductive. Had a hectic week as usual, between work and school and trying to get back into distance running (14 miles and counting). I've basically decided to forego homework in favor of bars with friends. There just isn't time for it all! But it is my last semester. So who cares?

I was talking to a friend yesterday and was apparently running my mouth at a mile a minute. My friend jokingly said, "Are you on crack?!" And I had a sudden twinge of sadness just for a second as I thought, "No, my life is on crack."

I think I need to sit and do nothing like I am now. It's my way of grounding myself... of just taking a break from the craziness that is my life and the city. There is never a minute to rest, so when I can find that minute, I relish in it. It is so quiet and peaceful in here, but I know just twenty feet away, outside in the cold, the city is still running.

That's all for tonight. My pulse beats to Miles Davis - "Blue in Green"

On a side note, I'm going to be a biker for Halloween... black lace-up high heel boots, leather jacket, lots of big black and silver jewelery, probably some crazy hair. I think it's appropriate for the pub crawl.

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mjr said...

Yes, Miles is so sweet. He was one cool cat. To think people were groovin to him in the 50's. Groovin' to Miles makes you want to say things like "this scene". Nice.