Thursday, October 1, 2009

Whilst in transit

Waiting for the 2,3 uptown from Fulton Street and hoping to be on time for a meeting in Chelsea in 25 minutes. Might as well blog since my NYTimes app is a failure without Internet service. Will be in 4 offices in total today and running around like a chicken with no head - what else is new?! But then starts a relaxing weekend of dinner and drink plans, bonding with Mom (whilst Dad bikes for MS) and running with colleagues in Central Park. Finally, a regular weekend. What could be better?!

September is already gone and apparently it took warm weather with it. Today we've jumped straight into November weather. No fair! The leaves haven't even turned yet.

Hope train comes soon...

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mjr said...

Just wondering, are drink plans the blueprints that the bartender references to properly construct a Martini or Cosmo(did I spell that right?)Good stuff!