Monday, November 30, 2009

Midnight blues.

What should one do when one's eyes feel like they are on fire and about to fall out of one's head in the middle of the night? Well, first, calc homework. Then accounting homework. Then a few lines of a Virginia Woolf term paper. And then blog apparently.

And I can't even go to CVS for some meds at this crazy hour because of the homeless crazies (not to be mean, but the homeless people near Stuy Town are particularly crazy) that hang around 14th Street and 1st Ave at this hour. A few weeks ago about a dozen of them were duking it out in the middle of the road in broad daylight. I'm not going to chance it at 3 a.m.

Tomorrow's a full day - class from 9:30 to 9, so I'll be nice and tired. Great. Thanks, doctor, for telling me to stop taking allergy meds.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Things to do while waiting for the maintenance guy.

  1. accounting homework
  2. eat oatmeal
  3. watch Wizard of Oz
  4. remember how awful Wizard of Oz is
  5. drink black tea
  6. blog.
I'm up to #6. This week has been uneventful, yet oddly fun. I had a half-day on Tuesday because I was inadvertently terminated at work. Basically, my name was kicked out of the system and I could not log on or do anything, so I got a paid day off. I'll take it!

A colleague from London was in the office... it's been great to reminisce. It was great catching up with her and now I'm even more excited for my pending holiday to London. My manager asked me if I'm seeing anyone lately, to which I replied, "Nope. Real men live in London."

I'm now attending graduate lectures for my accounting class instead of undergrad. My prof, who is absolutely fantastic, teaches both and suggested I informally shift to the MBA class... great in theory, but I will probably be almost an hour late for each lecture since I'll be coming straight from work and my Thursday nights are shot. Oh well. It's such a different dynamic in the grad class... it's easier to learn when everyone around me is concentrating and genuinely trying to learn the material, rather than just waiting for class to end. Maybe I'll be taking this same grad class with the same prof in a few years!

This weekend is Kay's birthday so we are all going out tomorrow night. Then lunch with Aunt and Uncle J on Sunday. Should be a good time! But I positively cannot wait until Thanksgiving. Since last year's cranberry chutney did not work out ("it would be cruel to force someone to eat that" says Mom right before she emphatically dumps it in the trash), I'm going to try something a bit simpler... cookies. If I screw them up, I give up. Chinese take-out for life.

That's all for now. And also, I graduate in less than a month. Weird.

Tonight my pulse beats to the electric snake cleaning my shower drain (and also the adorable old man who won't stop talking to me about his 40-year career as Stuy Town handy-man).

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

A lark! A plunge!

For this first time in a long time (possibly forever), it has been cold for over 2 weeks and I am not sick of it yet. The crisp weather is still energizing me and giving me the sense that anything is possible. Unrealistic and whimsical, I know. But this autumn is magical. Up is down and black is white.

This past Halloween weekend was a bit atypical - drunk Katie Couric, seeing some drunk colleagues and thinking they were other drunk colleagues (oh, did I say Lisa? I meant Beth. So good to see you!) flapper and biker all in one weekend and pub crawl all the way from 74th to 12th. All in all, a great time. Possibly the most dream-like quality of my weekend was the cab ride from my apartment to 51st and park... all the way up 1st ave and over to park and not one single red light! $5 cab to midtown. I'm tellin ya, it's the weather.

To top it all off, yesterday I fixed a flat screen TV at work that no one else could fix (first and last time that will ever happen) and my boss put me in charge of a $400,000 model... which I actually did not break. Up is down and black is white.

Maybe that means I will do well on my accounting exam this morning.... or not. At least the Yankees will clinch the series tonight!