Saturday, July 31, 2010

My global life.

It's been a while, but blogging is just not a priority these days. If I'm not at work, there is always something that I could (or should) be doing. As trivial as it sounds, my new goal is ... ready for it?... to finish a book. That's right. Any book. Just want to get to the end of it in a reasonable amount of time. I'm starting with East of Eden by Steinbeck. Then on to Book of Pi.

My global team of new analysts has been training in NY for the past two weeks - has been so great to meet everyone, many of whom I had worked with last summer. For some, it's the first time they've left their home countries. What an experience. Just popping over to NY from India or China for 2 weeks to meet their colleagues. It's amazing, though - we are all so different and from so many different backgrounds, but have had so much fun together. The team is from NY, London, Bangalore, Hong Kong and Singapore. Some are my age, some are years older, some have their master's degrees. But as we've been spending 8 hours a day together over the past two weeks, I've been struck by how similar we are. We have fun together out, help each other in the office and just have a great time, despite huge cultural differences. Most left to head back home today (sigh) but I do plan to meet up with everyone if I get the chance to pop over to their parts of the world. I'm sure London will be first.

Speaking of London, I need to plan a vacation since I've completely dropped the ball my first year working. I've been full time for about 6 months now and have taken 1 official vacation day (was off for 2 more days but got a pass for working on weekends). SO I'm beginning to plan my next trip (whenever I can afford it). Any suggestions are appreciated. I'm thinking I fly into London and hang for about 4 days. Then take a train to Glasgow (5 hours). From there I can take a 2 hour ferry to Belfast (northern Ireland) and can even take a ferry or train home to London (5 hours) to fly out. Thoughts?