Saturday, November 27, 2010

Online shopping is my new favorite past time.

... which is why I'm sitting in a coffee shop (believe it or not, Kay and I have found a real WINNER in Massapequa: Massapequa Perk) browsing to get some Christmas shopping done. We'll see if I actually like any of this stuff when I open the boxes. You're all getting this stuff as gifts either way, so be forewarned. Ugly, torn, smells like cats? Oh well. Go exchange it ;-)

I'm going to shamelessly steal from the blog of a friend who is infinitely more stylish than me, but here are my (her) three rules of shopping:
  1. Can I think of three occasions when I will wear this?
  2. Would I have bought this sale item at full price?
  3. If something feels tight in the dressing room, it will feel tighter outside of the dressing room.
Also, when in doubt, buy shoes, but that one's obvious (speaking of shoes, just got some sweet Franco Sarto brown and green plaid oxfords). The only problem with rule #1 is I concoct fabulous and completely ridiculous occasions for me to wear my hot new item... "This would be perfect if I end up at a swanky club for an invite-only fashion week party if I meet someone who invites me while I'm hanging outside of Bryant park staring at celebs from 100 yards away. Okay, so that's 1. Let's think of 2 more..." Right. Keep dreaming.

Time to finish my overdue library book (one of them). Extremely excited for Harry Potter tonight... even if it is only the first half of the last book. I am fully prepared - over the past week I've watched the entire movie series (wonder why I'm so behind on my work?). I leave you with a photo of the handsomest couple at Aunt J's Thanksgiving shindig, a view from my desk at work at sunrise (because I'm usually there at sunrise), and a firefighter boat spotted whilst running on the west side highway.