Tuesday, December 23, 2008

So This is Christmas

And so Happy Christmas 
For Black and for White
For Yellow and Red ones
Let's stop all the fight.

I know I haven't posted in a while, but that will change this Spring when this becomes my London travel blog. But hearing this festive song in the car today inspired me to comment on the close of what has shaped up to be a truly momentous 2008. It seems John Lennon was ahead of his time. 

To recap, we have a new president, a financial crisis, the biggest Real Estate ponzi in history, a week-long hostage crisis in Dubai, bribery by an Illinois state governor to fill the president-elect's seat (then his refusal to step down), a bailout for Wall Street and no bailout for auto makers... and that only sums up the fourth quarter.

I'm pretty sure there has not been a slow news day in months. For the first time in a long time, we Americans are eager to read the day's news to be aware of what is going on in the world. Is it simply because there is so much going on? Is it because we have optimistic hopes for the future when the new administration (officially) rushes in? Or is America only concerned with news now that it affects us personally on a daily basis?... Namely, our pockets. 

I don't have any answers... just something to think about.

Moving on, I do have a few New Year's resolutions...

1. Pack my life (for 5 months) into two suitcases for my move to London
2. Somehow balance work / school well enough to still have a life while in London
3. Do as the locals do... not as the tourists do.
4. TRAVEL. Enough said.
5. Get an apartment in NYC while living in London... somehow... right.

So these are my normal New Year's resolutions... the type you would expect to hear from someone. The answers that are easy to regurgitate when someone asks you what your resolutions are for the next year. 

This sounds corny and lame (because it is), but each year I try to set a personal goal for myself, too. Something that only I could possibly judge the success of.  In past years, my goals have been to communicate better, be more open with the people I care about, and to take ownership of my life by deciding what I really value. This year... I can't figure out what my personal goal is. But I WILL figure it out... there's always some goal to strive for as long as I am not perfect =) Even though it is lame and corny, I challenge everyone to think about it!

On that note, this meager posting will probably be my last before the holidays, so wishing you a week of great times with family, hearty food, and plentiful drinks.