Friday, April 24, 2009

Going for the Gold

Just wanted to mention... Andy and I ran the Newham Classic 10K on Sunday. And now I can officially say I have run around the 2012 Olympic Stadium in London (even though it is only half built!) 

How cool is that?! Also got to see Andy's school (very nice!). I ran it in somewhere around 50 minutes. Andy ran it in 47. He is a running machine! 

I will be home in 22 days. But I'm not counting or anything.

Plan of action upon return:
1) eat pancakes at Grandma and Grandpa's
2) tell my life story to friends (and Kay) over an excessive amount of wine
3) get wisdom teeth out 
4) try not to die
5) get an apartment
6) shop til I drop 

Speaking of shopping, I'm off to the DSUK designer sale on Brick Lane. Cheers!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

a much needed update.

It has been forever. I haven't had a moment to post! Every time I think about posting, I remember how far behind I am in my reading and how many essays I was supposed to write and haven't written yet.

BUT since I have so much work to do tomorrow I am going to be super productive and... run a race. I'm running the Newham Classic 10K run (for charity I think?). Let's hope I can keep up with Andy! I've done a bit too much drinking and a bit too little running this semester to be in any condition to race. Nutritionists don't generally recommend diets of meat pies and late night sausages while training. It will be more of a leisurely jog for me. 

I meant to do lots of essay writing today, but it was 60 degrees and sunny! I read Oscar Wilde in Gordon Square instead. Definitely a much better use of my time. 

So... quick update. I went to Sicily. and my parents took their very first trip to London. Sicily first: Italy = paradise. I don't think that Sicily is my favorite spot in Italy, but it is still beautiful. It seems that in Italy everything and everyone is just beautiful without any effort. Even something that is not supposed to look beautiful... like a desserted alley with old laundry hanging on it... looks like a work of art. While we were there we ate pasta, pizza, gelato and panninis, drank wine with every meal, walked around the piazzas, went to the beach, and shopped. So basically, the ideal holiday. And we were lucky enough to get there a few weeks before the summer season really begins, so not too many tourists and really reasonable prices. What more can you ask for?!

Only downside to Sicily, as with the rest of Italy... completely inefficient. Train is supposed to come at 9:00, you're lucky if it's there at 9:15. We waited an hour for a train that we were running late for in the first place. And, of course, the trains stop running at 9:30 p.m., so to get home from the city, a pricy cab ride is the only option. But all in all, a wonderfully relaxing break from the fog.

Holiday number two: being a tourist with Mom and Dad in London. We did so many things that I haven't done before (even after 3 months), like Shakespeare's Globe, Tower of London (pointless), and St. Paul's. St. Paul's was absolutely breathtaking... I'm surprised I didn't know  that sooner since I work across the street. We saw Les Miserables, which was absolutely unforgettable... something I will remember forever. And supposedly the London theatre is ranked higher than NY's broadway, so it's very possible I just saw the best show in the world. But my favorite has to be Shakespeare's Globe, only because I am a Shakespeare dork. It was great to see where all the magic happens. And very typically English. Our tour guide told us everyone would come in drunk, watch a vulgar show, be sloshing around in the rain, probably get into a few fights, and then do who knows what after the show. Yep, that's the English for ya. I'm actually going to go back and buy this beautiful decorative masque (like the kind you might wear to a masquerade) from the globe and hang it in my apartment when I get home... just so I can say "oh that's from Shakespeare's globe" very nonchalantly when people ask about it. 

Only downside of the trip... not the best weather London has ever seen (not that London ever sees great weather). But, my poor Mom who so looks forward to holidays of sun and cocktails on the beach was stuck dragging her suitcase through puddles while trying to hold onto her umbrella with the other hand. At least we did have two days of sun. So Dad fell in love with the pubs (obviously) and made it perfectly clear that he wanted ale and a meat pie for every meal. Mom found the cute streets with the restaurants that I had been searching for (of course) and even found probably the only mafia hangout in London. Leave it to Mom to travel to a city she's never been to... where I live... and teach me things. For example, now I know that if I'm feeling sick I can legally stock up on Advil with Codeine since it is OTC in the UK. 

AND the best surprise of the trip was Andrew! Based on a five minute chat late Friday night, he hopped on a plane and met us at Camden markets Saturday morning. I know my parents were so glad to catch up with him, and I was ecstatic! Definitely made the night life more exciting for the week. And, of course, Andrew showed me the best view of Big Ben at night from Trafalgar Square that I had never seen before... If everyone keeps teaching me things when they come to visit, I guess that means I'm super oblivious? 

Only thing missing from the trip was Kay, but I plan to photoshop her floating head into some photos... which is really all that matters on vacation anyway ;)

And on that note, I'm off to watch Ocean's 12. Cheers.