Sunday, October 11, 2009

My state of mind is completely dependent upon the season.

Autumn is so wonderful. It makes me want to abandon my reading, go for a two-hour run and sit on the couch with my feet on the coffee table and eat a turkey sandwich whilst watching the Cosby Show and reminiscing about how lovely my day outside in the crisp autumn weather has been (even if my ankle may or may not have developed its own incessant pulse).

And what a lovely weekend it was. Apartment "gathering" as Kaila calls it, Alice's tea cup (best pumpkin scones in the world), Soho shopping, buttnernut squash ravioli, Gatsby's Bar and Firefly, and, of course, a two-hour run down and up East / West side highways. Now that is my kind of weekend. Especially in great company, of course.

I really do need to get some of my reading done. But the coffee table with my book on it is so far away...

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mjr said...

your blog reminds me of that famous song by an artist whose name escapes me, "I'm in a butternut squash ravioli state of mind".