Sunday, October 4, 2009

Becoming quite the subway blogger.

That's what happens when the 2,3 decides to run locally. Heading up to Central Park
For a run with a colleague. First Central Park jog of the season.

Yesterday I stocked my closet with coats, scarves and gloves. I am officially ready for the cold weather... Even looking forward to it (a little). Cold weather means lots of layers, funky scarves and hot chocolate. I was actually thinking earlier this morning about how cozy my apartment would be if it only had a fireplace. Probably not the best idea with 8 floors above us.

Tomorrow morning I'll be
up bright and early for some quality time with Mom. "kris, while dad bikes for MS I figured you and I could take a brisk walk. I'll pick you up at 6 am. Oh, and it will be pouring so bring an umbrella."

Perfect. And that is my life this weekend. Also, don't rent The Women. Terribly slow. Even Andy says so.

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mjr said...

The ancient,respected, art of blogging being done by Iphone. Is nothing sacred? Keep the Faith!