Saturday, June 20, 2009

This can't be summer.

I'm writing this while sitting in a tiny, stuffy classroom in the Woolworth building on a Saturday morning discussing how to handle a crisis and listening to the sirens outside... where I should be. Is this not enough of a crisis? AND it's not even raining yet... so it's probably my only chance to be in NYC's fresh (maybe not so fresh) air. 

Real summer needs to start soon. That entails... the end of weekend classes, which are basically ruining my life. And sun, warmth, days by the fountain next to my apartment building, bbqs on the island, etc. And running... which I have not done in 6 weeks. I am almost completely de-crippified, but only when I walk. I still need to strengthen my calf and take it from there. 

Once all of these things fall into place, my life will be back on track! Until then, I get to sit in stuffy classrooms daydreaming about running on the West side highway and preparing for a rainy commute back home to the EV.  But I did have a solid evening of sangria and wings (caribbean jerk and spicy honey this time) last night. We did mean to go out afterwards... got dressed, did our makeup and hair, sat down on the couch to chat... and passed out. I guess the 10-hr work days are starting to take their toll! 

Maybe we'll do better tonight? If I ever get out of this classssssssssss

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mjr said...

Hopefully by the time your class is over, the monsoons will be over as well. Yes I would classify our curent weather pattern as a crisis.