Saturday, June 6, 2009

I Vow to Be Monogamous.

I've only been back home in NYC for about a week, but I guarantee I will not cheat on New York ever again... or at least anytime soon. London? Bloody good time. Madrid? Always a fiesta. Ghana? Well... uhh, right. But New York is the only city in the world where there ratio of complete weirdos to regular people on mass transit is 10 to 1. And where every Asian take-out you order is the best take-out you've ever had. And where people come running over screaming in Arabic to help you as you fall out of a cab because you have a broken leg and are not coordinated enough to use crutches (hypothetically speaking, of course...).

So this summer will be a celebration of NY (which has almost nothing to do with a big apple). Recession Thursdays in the financial district with all those in need of a morale boost. Jogs (slow walks) in Central Park from Strawberry Fields to the carousel. People-watching the beautiful families out for a stroll on the West Side Highway. Convincing those guys that always barbecue on the East Side highway near the baseball fields to give you a hot dog. Doing everything in your power to stand next to a D-list celebrity, only to make eye contact and pretend you're too cool to know who they are. Buying second-hand Pier 1 furniture on Craig's List and carrying it back on the subway from Brooklyn. Feeling superior to everyone around you in Times Square even though you should have known better than to go to Times Square. Going to the Opera. Going to the Opera and leaving halfway through to get burritos. And, my personal favorite... finding the best happy hours on the island.

So here is to your New York, which is not my New York... but that's why it's the best city in the world.

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