Sunday, June 21, 2009

Summer reading and more

Okay. This could end up being a huge mistake, but I am going to actually request that people comment on this post... but that would require people to read this post. So I guess if no one reads this, then no will know that no one else has posted anyway.

I'm looking for books to read this summer... AND for cool places to go (where I will presumably pretend to read my book but really just people watch). I know there are some cool jazz concerts in Central Park I'd like to check out, but I need some other suggestions (for when this class I'm sitting in is finally over). I've also heard the most fabulous take-out Puerto Rican food is on 15th and 8th (La Taza Deoro) so that is a must. 

Here's my book list so far... don't judge me.

1) Rory and Kim - Skinny Bitch
2) That book Jess keeps on the desk called City Chic
3) Hemingway - The Sun Also Rises



Kaila said...

diverse book choices! look good to me - but you should get the sun also rises to the number one slot! if you're looking for a good read, but not too serious, i'll lend you bob dylan's chronicles. it's awesome!

let's sit fountain-side and read all summer. deal?

mjr said...

Sorry so late in commenting, I was detained by a foreign government (Brooklyn). Here are my ideas:
1) Shoeless Joe (surprise!)
2) The Footprints of God by Greg Iles. Lots of action, not too deep.
3) Running and Being by George Sheehan. Very deep, very philosophical, a must for any athlete.
4) Let's Jump off the Mountain by Hugo First (sorry).
Enjoy the reading!