Sunday, November 18, 2012

Of Birthdays and Balls

Sadly I haven't been reading enough to write anything even mildly insightful about books, current events or anything at all. I can only write the second installment of what may become a lengthy series about my utter lack of productivity at the weekend, coupled with overindulgence in coffee and other beverages.

The downward spiral began with a Thursday afternoon shopping spree, followed by a day of coffee and cake at home with the family. Even without heat and sitting three-blankets deep in front of the fire for several hours, laughing with Mom and Dad made home feel like home.

Next came what can only be called a birthday extravaganza at a unique, if not somewhat confused, jazz-or-something-like-it bar in Chelsea.  This very queer venue has a restaurant vibe, yet with bottle service and guests dancing between tables, plus holograms on the ceiling, a fish tank through both floors of the space and what seemed like a Swing band disguised as a Bryan Adams cover band.

Birthday Girl
NYU's Charity Ball raised money on Saturday for Hurricane Sandy victims. 750 of us turned up and had a good time for a good cause.

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