Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Do the Happy Dance

Go-Bama, Go-Bama, Go-Bama! [Insert nerdy dance moves here]. I don't generally try to mimic the news and post real-time updates, but I'm overwhelmed with energy just itching to get out, even though we all knew who would win (thanks, Nate).

Saw my life with Romney as Commander in Chief flash before my eyes during those fleeting moments when he was ahead in the polls… the "haves" over the "have nots," Donald Trump's hair getting more air time than it already does, the sense that we better all fight for our own well-being because no one else is looking out for us, Ann Romney ('nuff said), repeal of healthcare reform, Dracula - er, I mean Paul Ryan, more military spending to pile onto the deficit and the return of polo shirts tucked into khakis.

… what a nightmare. Glad that's over. Back to work, Mr. President. Sorry for the diversion.

And the Empire State Building has been lit blue.

[not my own picture unfortunately]

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