Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Food is not a sufficient substitute for sleep.

That's just true... not humor. My brain is too tired to be funny. I plan on going to sleep at 9:00 to make up for the sleep I did not get last night. But anyway, I have had the time to blog a few times this month, which is my standard for evaluating how busy I am. I guess my life has calmed down a bit, even though it doesn't seem like it.

Not having weekends to catch up on homework and life is making me nervous, so I'm trying to get everything done before visiting Binghamton and Cornell. And I just realized my brain no longer processes numbers... seriously. Math is now a language that I do NOT speak. That's probably why it took me 6 hours to do my calculus homework (badly)... and it was only chapter 1. And of course the web site deleted it before I could submit it and I now have to redo the whole assignment. Great!

But other than that, I am caught up and ready for a mini road trip to the boondocks. I looked up Binghamton online to see what fun activities are in the area ... nothing came up. But we could do a River Crawl... I guess it's sort of like a pub crawl but boring. I bought a new skirt at a new boutique for the trip so I'm all set! Apparently there is a rugby/dance team mixer while we're up there. I can guarantee in the history of NYU there has never been a rugby/dance team mixer. Or a rugby team. Or a dance team. Or for that matter... a mixer.

Then comes Cornell. Apple picking! Such a Cornell-ish thing to do, don't you think? I'll have to find my flannel shirt. In my mind, it snows every day in Cornell. You know how you remember places you're not very familiar with exactly as they were when you were there? When I visited Cornell in high school it was snowing. So when I picture Cornell in my head, there is always a blizzard. I think deep down I'm expecting to see snow falling on campus (but nowhere else) while I'm approaching. And the temp will immediately drop 30 degrees when I step off the bus.

Also, there is apparently a swine flu outbreak at Cornell. But I don't think that will matter because everyone will have their scarves wrapped around their necks/mouths because of the blizzard and will be wearing ski gloves (and possibly skis to get to class). So I'm not too worried. Everyone is probably just sick because of the year-round blizzards.

So, these two pending trips have forced me to be productive on weekdays. But it's impossible! Too much to do already!

This week a good friend from London is in and I got to spend time with him finally! We had some sangria at Bellcourt, but we missed happy hour! Oh well. Went to the Standard too... still just all right to me.

I missed my "senior soiree." Does that matter? Probably not. I'm not into that sort of thing. I deleted the e-mail and forgot about it until a friend asked if I was going (in 20 minutes). I think about 7% of me regrets missing it.

I think that's all I got. Back to reading Pater (for my Virginia Woolf class?).

Just thought of something. WOAH. DEL POTRO. Seriously. Wow.

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mjr said...

Ah yes, I cannot believe Roger lost either. BTW Sicily is no longer your most recent trip. So please update it for avid readers such as myself that notice these things. Good luck this semester!