Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The Back to School Blues.

I've only had 1 day of school, and already I am sitting here watching Obama's address to Congress and procrastinating. I will NOT do my homework. The classes I'm taking are boring and I just had a glass of wine and I just will not do anything right now. And you know it's extreme procrastinating when I'm actually multi-task-procrastinating... watching the speech AND blogging to avoid doing homework.

Back to school, back to work... what else is new? What will distinguish this semester from the rest of my life? Jess made me realize something when she mentioned how different her life at Binghamton will be from her summer in the city - does my life regularly change? Is it bad if it doesn't? Year round I live in my apartment, take classes and work in NY. That makes me a bit sad. Not the "normal" college experience I guess. But then I realize that I actively ensure that I don't fall into a rut... I've studied in Madrid and London and regularly travel. But I finally realized that this lack of change is what has caused me to pick up new hobbies along the way. Last fall, my hobby was marathon training. Then I went to London. This summer was spent at work and didn't leave too much time for outside hobbies. What is my hobby this fall?

I know the suspense is killing you, so I won't leave you hanging... my new hobby is balance. A bit more abstract and unsual than most hobbies... but it is a goal, if not a hobby. I want to attend class, do well at work, excercise, eat healthy, study sufficiently, do fun things out in NYC (like fashion week and US Open!) and visit some friends at school. And the only way I can do it is through balance! Otherwise, at least a few of those goals will suffer. So my hobby will be ensuring I can do all of these things and still have time to sleep.

Oh, and also, my main goal is to finish watching season 2 of TrueBlood. Obviously.

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