Saturday, October 25, 2008

Stormy weather = boring Saturday nights.

So my would-be fabulous excursion to the meatpacking district tonight - where I would actually get the chance to skip the line and go right into Highline (I'm not the VIP - my friend is) is... cancelled. I thought she was exaggerating about the storm. Then I almost fell over trying to run next door to the deli.

My boring night will now result in a new list. Aren't you lucky. 

10 Random Things I Hate... in no particular order.

1. Kathy Griffin's bangs. As if she isn't ugly enough without them.  

2. Salads that come with olives that are not de-pitted. Are they trying to tell us not to eat them or to play with our food to take the pits out? 

2. Subway "dead zones." Trying to get from FIT to NYU? Better put on your walking shoes (or your cab-hailing shoes). 
... I hear the Verizon network gets rid of dead zones. They should contact the MTA. 

3. 24-hour delis that close whenever they think it won't be busy. They can't call themselves 24-hour delis. They are pick-and-choose-hour delis. 

4. Feeling so rushed while you're paying for something that you feel guilty for taking the time to put your change away. Is it really that inappropriate if you stand at the counter for three seconds?!

5. Larry King's shoulders. I can hear them screaming "please feed my country." 

6. Italian restaurants that don't bring you bread. And Mexican restaurants that don't bring chips and salsa. We all know that's the real reason we go there anyway.

7. Running out of gum. It always happens after you ate that piece of garlic bread or the sour cream and onion chips. 

8. Ordering a drink at a bar with the thought that it must be cheap since the bar is such a dive. Then being told "That's $16." I hope I'm not the only one whose next thought is... "oh, can i just give this back?"

9. That guy who keeps looking at you but is not cute... and then you just happen to look in his direction accidentally a few times and it seems like you're looking back at him. Those times when you want to walk over to him and say "Hey, man, I'm not actually looking at you b/c I think you're cute. I just keep forgetting you exist and then I notice someone looking at me so I look up. And it's you... again." 

10.  Pedicure-ists who look up at you and giggle if you have not shaved your legs within the past... i don't know... hour. Do they really think we should go out of our way to shave right before we go to the nail salon? Sorry, lady - you're not my type. 

So that's all my venting for now. Feel free to add some more obnoxious things we all probably hate. 


mjr said...

1) People who basically stop in the middle of the road while driving, because the are texting or emailing via BB.
3) People who hire a service to put up their christmas lights- Ho Ho Ho.

JLRomano said...

People who pop their gum and/or chew their food loudly. Or make any kind of noise with their mouths really (besides maybe whistling..but that kind of bothers me too).

Wireless internet..that only works when you don't actually need it.