Sunday, October 12, 2008

The pre-marathon Running Crunch

So today is October 12... which means there are 27 days until the day I am so excited for / dreading is here. Marathon day. November 9. I was supposed to run the Marine Corps Marathon in Washington DC later this month, but when my marine friend was injured, I decided to run a much smaller venue in Harrisburg, PA. 

According to the website (credible source?), it seems like an intimate setting, small (800 people), lots of foliage, and very mom-and-pop-esque. I was becoming increasingly more nervous about running the HUGE Marine Corps marathon, filled with military men and intense runners, so the thought of running this smaller one has definitely made me less anxious. 

I don't know whether I feel relieved and comforted or even more anxious now that my parents and sister have decided to accompany me. I guess it is much easier than finding my own way down there and my own hotel room, but what if I don't make it to the finish line?! They will have trekked all the way down there to see me fail. I have been training - but in all honesty, what do I know about training for a marathon? My training regimen is as follows: Run. Run a lot. 

Today I ran about 18 miles. That is definitely a decent amount, and I felt pretty good post-run, so I take that to mean I could have gone a few miles further. I just hope I could have run at least 6 miles further. But I don't know what the protocol is for these long runs... should I stuff myself beforehand? Should I stuff myself afterward? I opted for cereal and oatmeal before, omelet and fries after. 

Most people eat "goo" during the race - neon green globs of carbs with peanut butter consistency and drink lots of water. I have never done either. I just run. Would these tricks help me out or should I keep to my routine? They say not to switch anything up for the big race.... but what if I am putting myself at a disadvantage?!

So many questions. So many worries. Apologies if this post is excruciatingly boring, but this is always in the back of my mind and it's time I start getting answers! Any suggestions, by all means let me know. 


Anonymous said...

Wow marathon... Good for you!!! I love endurance sports as well & I must say you are a great writer.
Good luck! I look forward to your future blogs :)


Marcus Grimm said...

Congrats. on the Harrisburg training. I'll be there, too, and Googled to see who else will be. It's a good course, very flat and fast. And yes - VERY small for a marathon. You can park within 100 yards of the start, which is particularly nice at the finish. :)

Good luck!