Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Why love New Yawk?

I often wonder, what is it about this city that keeps us coming back for more? Why is the New Yorker - the fearless, trendy, subway-riding, taxi-hailing, overzealous city slicker - afraid of what lurks beyond the boroughs? We prefer our over-priced, undersized one bedroom apartments to backyards, picket fences, and the deed to a house. We devote our lives to maintaining a suitable living environment given less than ideal living conditions...

So why do we call these bustling streets home? (This question is not rhetorical). I think I'll make a list. (Add to my list!) 

And continue it indefinitely, since there will always be another reason to love this city... 

OH, by the way, read this article from the Smithsonian Magazine for some always welcomed New York pride: http://www.smithsonianmag.com/travel/mytown-newyork.html

  1. There is nothing that cannot be found here: Horseback riding in the Bronx, Ethiopian food on Macdougal St. & weekend barbecues on the FDR Drive (If you're sneaky, sometimes you can snag a hot dog)
  2. Breaking the mold = fitting in
  3. The New York Marathon (which I will hopefully run one day...)
  4. Need a vacation? Little Italy!
  5. Poetry slams on the Lower East Side
  6. Every blink of the eye in the West Village is like flipping pages of a J. Crew magazine
  7. Political protests in Union Square (except at 6 a.m. on a Saturday)
  8. Cheap (& clean!) fruit vendors


JLRomano said...

-Plays & Musicals: On and off-Broadway!

-Even if you are alone, you don't have to be lonely in NYC. There's always someone (interesting) to meet.

Dani M said...

Firstly, i'd like to commend you on giving in to [your previously uninterested perspective on] blogging! I think its a great way to, firstly, manage your thoughts, and second, offer your perspective on relevant topics. Ive actually been conspiring to start a blog for some time now, but between looking for a job(whilst hating life working at a retail position), interning, and completing courses at NYU, i hadnt had the time to breath, let alone write a blog. Now that i have found a job (working in marketing and pr for a fashion licensing company), im so exhausted by the time my day has come to an end, and i selfishly reserve my weekends for friends, and drinking binges, that i still have yet to act on my blogging aspirations. So for now, I will live vicariously through you!

As for living in Manhattan, i think love it beacause you can get away without actually going anywhere. For instance, if you live on the Upper East Side, and you take a trip down to the west village, its as if you are so far away from home that you actually feel compelled to send a postcard!
This city has something to offer everyone- for those of us who live here (small apartments and roaches included) we find tranquility in being able to escape to a small wine bar- with no tourists insight, or go for a jog in central park, or spend the day at on a mission to find a cheap massage on the lower east side.
Either way- at the end of the day, we have all the conveniences in the world within a $15-cab-ride-radius.


klroti said...

Dani - I completely agree with your desire to send postcards from a different neighborhood! It's sort of like that area of Disney World where they have one street for every country.

If you do end up starting a blog, definitely let me know! I'd love to read it. I'm taking another professional edge course on Tuesday evenings - are you taking one too?

Best of luck in your job search! I'm sure you will definitely find something very soon. And, hey, don't be so hard on yourself - friends are what weekends were made for!

Thanks so much for checking out my blog. I hope you find it mildly entertaining in the future.

Speak soon!