Thursday, October 18, 2012

Don't Know How to Say It.

Do you ever feel like you have so much to say but have no idea how to say it? Or rather, you just can't say it because whatever you say - regardless of which words you choose or the context in which you utter (in my case, mumble) them - cannot possibly capture your meaning? Most of the time this obviously isn't the case - we're not passionate about everything that comes out of our mouths. And we might even say something to one person and the same thing to another and to the first it means nothing but to the second it means everything. But how do we signal those rare moments? Those times when your brain is yelling, "Hey you! This matters. Pay attention!" Because it's never at the "right" time and it's never planned. It's just that one nice thing that someone says over a beer or maybe even the thing that someone doesn't say but you know he wanted to. In the movies when someone has a close encounter with death, his life always flashes before his eyes, right? It's usually pretty lame. Which events "flash" and why those? Seems kind of superficial or disingenuous. But sometimes I wish the meaning I were trying to convey could "flash" before our eyes. It's not enough to just say it and getting it right is never easy, but don't you just wish you could pull all of the magic out of your brain and just hand it to someone, as if to say, "Here's everything I want you to know. Sorry, but words weren't good enough."

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