Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The 52nd Week of the Year

Hey, look at that. 2nd post in 1 month. This must mean I'm finally committed to pursuing my passions and preventing my hobbies from falling by the wayside because of work and other distractions. Or I left work at 5:01 and nothing is on TV during the awkward 5 days between Christmas and New Year's Eve... believe what you want.

The 52nd week of the year - always a wash, isn't it? It's the time when you (I) sit around claiming you're going to be healthy after stuffing yourself on Christmas, but you know you're going to drink and eat much later than you should on New Year's Eve, so why start now, right? Better to kick off the new year with a fresh start (and a fresh 10 pounds around your waist). Nothing is ever accomplished during week 52. No one is at work, so even if you are you can't do much. No one is in the city to play with. There's leftover, stale junk food from Christmas that you told yourself you won't eat, but it's just sitting there.. staring at you.

... The best idea is to celebrate New Year's Eve the night after Christmas. Then we could all just get on with it. Jesus could ring in the New Year... by swinging on a disco ball in the middle of Times Square. Why hasn't the Catholic Church seized this amazing PR opportunity?

L.L. Bean Christmas Catalogue Models

Anyway, the inspiration for this post was actually a really fantastic Christmas weekend. Just like the old days - quiet Christmas Eve at Grandma's and lively Christmas Day at the Roti house (but no meatballs this year. What gives?)

Christmas Traditions:

1. March of the Wooden Soldiers
2. Football
3. Christmas Eve e-mail from Dad: "Kris, do you have anything for Mom's stocking?"
4. Knicks season opener (okay, maybe that's not a Christmas tradition)
5. Grandma's Chocolate Cream Pie
6. Mom's string beans
7. Italian red wine
8. More wine
9. Gift-giving chaos, followed by organized chaos with each gift opened one at a time by the respective family member (Welcome, John) in descending age order
10. And, most importantly, DAD'S CHRISTMAS SUSPENDERS (please note: 52-year-old-Matt really needs bigger suspenders than 30-year-old-Matt).

(was going to try to write this to the tune of "The 12 Days of Christmas," but I don't have all day).

Grandma: "Another puzzle? Seriously?!"

So as we enter a new year, here's to celebrating the ordinary; the traditions we've grown to love without rhyme or reason ("I'll build a bamboo bungalow for two..."). Whether silly or annoying, hysterical or delayed hysterical (that's when you don't laugh until you're sure Mom will laugh with you), we can count on the quirks and family oddities. Which means, in essence, we can count on our family to welcome us home.

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