Saturday, June 26, 2010

Only in New York

Finally blogging while watching the U.S. Ghana match and waiting for Ashley to get her lazy butt over here to my lounge!! Exciting already and it's only the second minute.

Only in New York do you hear opera music while slightly buzzed at a bar you stumbled upon in the West Village on Sunday night. So Kay and I are wandering around after hitting up a seafood bar (the mexican restaurant we were looking for was closed down) and finally decided to go into one of the only places in the area that looks lively after walking all the way up from tribeca. Suddenly, we're friends with the bartender / owner, and some girl's mother (who is throwing a going away party for her opera-singer daughter) is buying us sangria and introducing us to all of her friends. To top off this twister scenario, after the impromptu concert, we sat down for a drink with the CEO of an advertising agency to chat about kaila's brilliant advertising ideas.

I would write more, but have to start paying attention to the game!!!

Only in New York will you hear no apology when you're almost hit by a flying piece of raw fish as you walk down the sidewalk. So there I am, hoping to hit little Italy at some point on my walk downtown from Union Square. Instead, I'm stuck in China for too many blocks to count and avoiding the fish being thrown across the street from one nasty fish market to another.

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