Sunday, March 28, 2010

Happy Four Day Work Week!

It feels like Christmas. I get a ride home from the 'rents on Friday, AND I only need 4 clean outfits for work this week. That's better than malted milk balls on Easter.

This will be a short post, since I don't have much to write. Had a great weekend... met up with an old friend I haven't seen in a while for a drink and ended up making a night of it. Went to 4 village favorites.. Agozar, Madam Geneva, Garage and 49 Grove. And finally checked out Bamboleo with Andy on Bleecker and Sullivan... free guacamole and chips with a pitcher of sangria? Yes please.

I'm tired, so done writing. But, just want to mention I just saw a commercial for the Brothers and Sister's 2 hour movie on April 11. I c a n n o t w a i t .

I want to join a running club. Anyone know of any? They're harder to come by than you may think.

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mjr said...

Loved the post! Other than the obvious NYRR Club, these guys have been around forever. Used to run at the Manhattan gym in the late 70's.
See you soon!