Saturday, December 12, 2009

I would be such a good housewife.

Not really.. I don't cook. BUT, I do have a new addiction to the Container Store. It is SO awesome!

So here's my shopping list for my new full-time employment life.

Compartmentalized lunch boxes (for my sandwiches, almonds, grapes at work)
Shoe rack for my closet (so I'll be able to see the floor again)
on-the-go soup containers (for my New England clam chowder)
twist assist jar opener (for those pesky applesauce jars)
dripless wine pourer and stopper
Keyboard vacuum

and also, one of those space saver food vacuum things. Not from container store, but still awesome.

Stop laughing.

No, really. Stop.

1 comment:

mjr said...

Hmmmm, the Container Store. What's next, watching the Weather Channel?