Sunday, November 23, 2008

Glass Ceilings and Glass Walls

So we have officially broken through a glass ceiling, right? I know I'm a couple of weeks late on this but... yay! President-elect Obama! And I was lucky enough to be in perhaps the most Obama-happy city on celebration night. Believe it or not, there was more energy in Union Square on election night than when the G-men won the superbowl this past year. 

My question is... what's the catch? There must be something wrong with this perfect man (other than his obvious lack of being white, which is SO last century). He's attractive, articulate, brilliant, and seems to really have a pulse on what most of America wants for the country. So is he the next Kennedy? He even has the most gorgeously perfect and well-behaved young family... just like Mr. John F. Kennedy himself (though Michelle Obama will not be sporting the next Givenche any time soon). 

So if Obama is the next Kennedy, then that means we will all love him despite his many shortcomings. Bay of Pigs / Marilyn Monroe anyone? Everyone loved to worship the Kennedys, but in a sort of childhood dollhouse way. 

We love the Obamas, but I do not think we should dub him the second coming of the Messiah until he actually begins to fix things. So far he has done a lot of talking... criticizing this, saying he wants to fix that. But with every criticism, every weekly podcast urging support for his great ideas... the pressure continues to mount. and mount. and mount.

So I guess the real question is, how great does Obama have to be to meet everyone's expectations? At this point, to be considered good, doesn't he have to be really, really great? Given this handicap, I guess we've got another glass ceiling on our hands.

So as for the glass walls... well, I just walked into one in the library. Not my proudest moment, I know. But it's all part of my charm... 

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